SOLD/EXPIRED Wtt- Cz 527m carbine in .223


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Mar 24, 2014
I have a Cz 527m carbine in .223 walnut stuck I may be interested in trading. Putting feelers out to see if there's any interest on here in the gun. I bought it used from a friend, have not shot it and no idea on round count. It seems to be in all around good shape with normal wear on bolt handle where it slides on action. Comes with a raised picatinny rail. I don't believe it has been shot much but I'll pull it out of the safe and answer any questions before making a deal. Obviously if anyone with a trade I'm after is interested I'll take pics and send them over. It's just been sitting in my safe and I think it's time for a new project.

Trades I'd be interested in-
Savage, 700, model 7, xbolt, tikka, etc in a 6.5, quarter bore or similar. Something I can build a light recoil deer/range gun on. I was rear ended at a stop light pretty bad last week and my need to baby the shoulder for a while.. Hell, may even be interested in a 357 mag revolver. Sorry for the loose description, just looking for something new. This gun just really doesn't fill a practical void for me right now.