SOLD/EXPIRED WTT Cleaning out some reloading stuff


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Apr 12, 2011
Divide, Co
I have the following and would rather trade than sell:

Full box of 100 - .30 cal 168gr VLD Berger Bullets
Full box of 100 - 7MM 162gr Hornady A-Max bullets
Full box of 100 - .270 cal 130gr Hornady Interbond
15 – 7MM Nosler Partition 150gr bullets
26 – Combined Technology (Nosler/Winchester product) .30 cal 150gr moly coated ballistic Silvertip bullets
43 – 7MM Sierra 175gr Spitzer Boat Tail bullets
Redding Neck Die – .270 Series A model No. 81135 (nice dies and in great shape, can send pics)
Redding .270 Sizing Die NK-X4
Two stocks for a pre-64 model 70, one is 80% finished, the other was on a pre-64 model 70 .270 that I have since sold. It has a custon inleted cheek plate and in good shape.

I also have some .243 brass (some mixed, lots of Winchester) and .270 Winchester brass. If you are interested in the brass I will dig it out and count it for you, its probably well over 200 rounds each caliber.

If you are interested in anything I can supply pics

I am interested in trading for the following, but you never know tell me what you got I might be interested.

.30 cal 180gr Nosler Accubond bullets
.30 cal 165gr Hornady Interbond or Swift Scirocco Bullets
7MM 150gr Swift Scirocco bullets
7MM 154gr Hornady Interbond bullets
Full body Mallard or Pintail decoys
snow goose decoys (shells or full body)