WTT Berger 215s for large rifle primers AZ


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Dec 3, 2017
Looking for FGMM 210m (open to others)

I’ve got 1 100 count box of 215s. Its open but all 100 are in there (I counted twice). If I had more I’d let everyone know. I actually forgot I had these because I switched to hammers and don’t shoot the 215s anymore. I’d really rather trade them for large rifle primers. I don’t know what a fair trade would be these days. Based on pre covid prices I would have said a brick of 1000 primers but heck at this point primers are tough. So I guess maybe go with 1000 to start? If you don’t think that’s fair let me know.

I’m in SE AZ since primers can’t really be shipped I guess. willing to drive a bit to meet up though.27CD95E5-0DC4-4947-9B83-BAE2FDECD9DA.jpegimage.jpg

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