SOLD/EXPIRED WTS-WTT-Wheeler 30mm RingAlign/Lap Kit

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  1. vferguson3006

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    Jan 26, 2009
    WTS-WTT-Wheeler 30mm RingAlign/Lap Kit TRADE MADE

    1 ea. for sale Wheeler Ring Align/Lap Kit for 30mm Scopes and rings.
    New never used
    $40.00 shipped
    or will trade for 250 .30 cal. 150-175gr. bullets [sierra, hornady]
    or will trade for 2 QuakeClaw Slings
    or will trade for 250 sierra .224 HPBT 69 gr. bullets
    or will trade for 250 nosler or hornady 55gr. spitzers
    or will trade for a cheap swivel bipod.
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  2. Wildyote

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    Jul 1, 2008
    Any interest in trades for Nosler Competition 52gr BTHP?
    OR, 100 unopened Hornady 55 gr SP and the balance in the above?

    If so, send me a PM please?
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