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Nov 11, 2007

It has come down to spending time with the family hunting and fishing, and keeping the commitments that go along with family life. So I'm stepping out of the Precision Tactical game for a bit.

I am looking to sell, preferably trade, my SAC built .264 LBC. This rifle is completely top shelf. I spared No expense in this build and it shows at the range. The last time I was out banging steel, this rifle was engaging 6"X6" steel plates at 850 yards at will. No ********!

1. Krieger 8 twist finished at 24"
2. APA Little Bastard Brake
3. Barrel Melonited inside and out
4. JP Low profile Adjustable Gas Block
5. Les Baer .264 LBC bolt
6. National Match Bolt Carrier by Young Manufacturing
7. PRI M84 Gas Buster AR15-M16-M4 Charging Handle
8. Rainier Arms UltraMatch Billet Upper
9. PRI Delta FF Tube, rifle length
10.POF 416 lower, Multi Caliber
11.Geissele Super 3 Gun (S3G) trigger
12.JP Lower parts kit
13.Bad *** Ambi Selector
14.KNS anti rotation kit
15.Magpul PRS, FDE
16.Cascadia single point sling mounts on PRS
17.Larue Tactical SPR 1.5 mount 20 MOA
18.Leupold MK IV 2.8-8X36 Illuminated, M2, TMR, with cattail
19.Kill Flash
20.Hornady .264 LBC dies
22.Apporx. 400 rounds of once fired Hornady and Lapua brass
23.500 rounds of Lapua 123 grain Scenars
24.Four 10 round 6.5 Grendel mags with FDE Ranger Pulls
25. Harris BRM-S Cerakotaed FDE, Phoenix Pod Claws, claw cover, KMW

I am sure I am missing some on the specs. I have only 188 rounds down the barrel and I'd be surprised if you'd be able to wear it out. My load is 30.2 grains of Accurate 2520 loaded to mag length. Over the chrono with 30 rounds gave me an average of 2600 FPS with an ES of 19, SD 8. I have well over $3900.00 into this build. I'm one of the lucky ones, so I'm not hurting. I'll take $3000.00 for everything. You pay shipping via the carrier of your choice. Not parting out anything at this time. Payment via wire transfer, or U.S. Postal Money Order only.
I would prefer to trade. But, please only for the items listed. If a trade can be agreed to, I'll cover shipping on my end, you on yours. Trade value on my kit $3000.00

Trade items wanted.
1. Looking for high end side by side shotguns. Prefer .20ga.
2. Benelli SBE, SBE II, in .12ga. 28" barrel.
3. Swaro bino's or spotting scope.
4. Benelli Montefeltro .20ga 26" barrel.
5. Polaris or Honda ATV
6. Yamaha TW200
7. Leica Geovid's in 10X or 15X
8. Sako rimfires
9. Rem. 40x rimfires
10.Cooper rimfires, .22, .17 HMR
11.Kimber Mountain Ascent or Montana. This is low on the list.










The five round group is posted. Cold dirty is the high round. Again, please only the trades listed. I will need photos of all trade offers. Trades will be + cash on your end unless you come up with something that I just have to have. If you have any questions please PM them to me. I travel extensively, so it may take a day to get back to you.

Thanks for looking,
Can you tell me a little more about this round. Never heard of a 264 LBC. Is it built on the 264 brass? AR-10 lower? That is one good looking hammer.

Lefty Lucas

264 LBC is essentially the 6.5 Grendel. It's my understanding that
Les Baer developed the 264 LBC because of the Grendel trademark issues...but it's basically the same cartridge.

Matt is correct with the exception that the .264 LBC does not have a compound angle on the throat of the camber. It has a traditional throat, and in this case, was cut specifically for the 123's. It is an AR-15 based platform, so it is a substantially smaller than the typical AR-10's.
I built pretty much the same system. Same upper, same stock w/ Beowulf lower SSA trigger 20'' LBC barrel GG&G bi-pod PT&G break. The 264 chamber and the factory Lapua 123 scenar from Alexander Arms gets 2550 out of my 20" and shoots 1/3 moa all day. Have not done any loading yet....No need to. I have a bunch of the factory stuff to play with first. You can't go wrong picking up this guys rifle. The Grendel caliber was well thought out and the 123's out of the LBC is a surgical match out of a gas gun.gun):)
one has a .300 neck the other is .298 I would go LBC all day over Grendel. Factory ammo is interchangeable.

LBC has a .295 neck, but I would go LBC also...I own two, one with a Satern barrel and the other with an ARP barrel
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