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    Jan 31, 2008
    I wone this in anoter fourm

    I won this certificate in the raffle for John and Sherry Odom. I hope they are doing well.
    I cannot attend due to commetments with school and my wifes department will not guarantee her the time off that far in advance. So I am forced to part with it. The voucher is good for any RBI 2-day open enrollment course (the course selected should reflect the students skill level) and is valued at 450$ and is good throught January 1, 2012.
    Im not looking to make a million bucks off this voucher that I won. Ideally I would like to trade it to another member who cannot afford to attend one of these classes or an NCO who can use the knowledge gained to better his soliders. But apples to apples anyone is welcome to it.
    I am willing to trade I need a PC in MC XL but I will take cash offers or other trades. I'm very hesitant to put a price on it beacuse I won it in a raffle. I never expected to win I just wanted to help as I was faced with a similar situation with a Marine here in my home town just a month before.
    I will need to provide Jason with the full name of the person who I trade/sell it to as per his instructions. This is an amazing opportunity to attend Tier one traning for with one of the nations premier instructors.
    Link to Jasons traning calendar
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    Jon Morehouse