SOLD/EXPIRED WTS/WTT: Custom Handguns for USO Scopes

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by SCL, Oct 25, 2003.

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    Oct 25, 2003
    I have lurked for awhile and have decided to take the long range plunge; I have a few good rifle rigs and am now in need of optics. Would like to sell or trade the following pistols for USO scopes - ST10, SN-9, or SN3 with ergo obj and illuminated reticles. Pistols are worth $2k a piece and are in excellent condition:

    Jim Garthwaite BHP 9mm
    Garthwaite work includes: Novak rear sight/dovetail front sight, strong side thumb safety, C&S trigger/ trigger job @ 4.0 lbs, no-bite modification on stock hammer, crown factory barrel, polish feed ramp, fit/adjust extractor, texture front and back straps, machine border around serial number on frontstrap, bevel magazine well, Ahrends tactical stocks, checker magazine catch, deburr/dehorn entire pistol, Wolff recoil/firing pin springs
    test fire/function check Refinished w/ Roguard in February 2003.

    (Rare)Clark CombatMaster “Keithville AL” period 9mm
    Rebuilt by Cylinder & Slide February 1998, Original Clark work: Install Bo-Mar adjustable rear sight/ stake front sight, Slide-Guide installed on dustcove, tighten slide to frame fit, checker frontstrap/MSH 20 LPI, trigger job and reliability package. Cylinder & Slide work: C&S Thumb safety/Brown Hi-Grip beavertail safety, Wilson guide rod and plug installed, Wolff springs throughout Trigger job w/ best quality parts 4.5 lbs, install tactical sear, firing pin safety plunger, NM plunger lever, checker bottom of trigger guard 40 LPI, round all external corners, dovetail Novak front sight, Robar NP3 entire pistol, test fire w/ 124 gr Federal Nyclad or Hydra-Shok JHP.

    C&S Para-Ordnance P-10.45 Stainless .45ACP
    Modifications include: modify magazines for smooth feeding, throat barrel and frame, checker front strap 30 LPI, checker bottom of trigger guard 40 LPI, recrown barrel, install #5 long link, match grade extractor, install, radius and tension, polish and deburr internals, Novak front and rear sights, dovetail front, trigger job @ 4.0 lbs w/ long aluminum trigger installed, C&S tactical hammer, Colt sear, steel magazine release, detent and polish slide release, NM plunger lever, carry bevel package, Wolff springs, Install S&A Hi-Grip beavertail and Brown tactical safety, install checkered MSH
    Test fire 10 yds 230 gr Federal Hydra-Shok

    I can send pics to serious buyers/traders.


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