SOLD/EXPIRED WTS TWO NEW QUALITY Aim Tactical Rifle Cases/Bags from England $150 ea. shipped!

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    Sep 26, 2010
    Hi, have for sale an Aim 50 (50") Tactical Drag Bags, NEW in plastic. I ordered this from England, Asking $150 shipped, which is way less than I have invested. These are VERY well made and have not found cases sold in the USA that match the quality. I have listed links to Youtube that shows the Model 60 being reviewed. You cannot buy these in the USA. Here is a chance to get one a whole lot cheaper than having them imported from England. I accept USPS Money Order. Protect your investment with one of these great cases. Please e-mail me at ironrdr @ peoplepc dot com with questions. Thanks!

    Note: I had purchased two of these cases and one has already sold on another forum (Sig Forum), so subject to availability.

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪AIM 60 Tactical Drag Bag Review‬‏[/ame]

    from the vendor:

    "This sturdy AIM 50 tactical drag bag is ideal for the average size of rifle (up to 49" in length). It's the only gunbag you'll ever need because the AIM 50 swallows an unbelievable amount of kit! You can backpack the AIM 50 and carry the weight of your gun and all the extras comfortably over long distances from car park to shooting point. Or you can unclip the padded shoulder straps at the bottom by their heavy-duty metal snaphooks and slide them in at either end of the slimline zipped pouch - then grip your gunbag by the fully wrap-around webbing handle. Alternatively you can drag it across the ground by its sturdy webbing drag handle. The main gun compartment has a detachable drag hood, adjustable internal weapon securing straps and stock support pocket. Sturdy zip and protective zip flap. Side release clips fasten across the zip for extra security. Other features include two enormous external utility pockets. The smaller one (14" x10") has an additional diagonally zipped pouch for certificates, score cards etc. The larger one is 24" x 10" and capable of carrying a massive amount of extra kit comfortably. Made of 1000 denier cordura Extra thick closed cell foam padding All handles box stitched for greater strength"