WTS Tubb Final Finish TMS Throat Maintenance System .223 Caliber *NEW*

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    Oct 5, 2004
    Tubb Final Finish TMS Throat Maintenance System 224 Caliber

    One of the biggest causes of accuracy loss over time is barrel wear; specifically throat erosion. Tubb's Throat Maintenance System consists of a series of bullets coated with a special polishing compound that is designed to smooth out the section of barrel directly ahead of the chamber. The result is a smoother throat and restored accuracy.

    Kit Includes:

    50 Polishing Compound Impregnated Bullets "80g" (Impregnated with extremely fine compound)


    Maintains smooth bore surface created with the Bore Polishing System

    Use TMS bullets with starting load data with fastest burning powder for specific caliber

    Tubb recommends firing two to four rounds loaded with TMS bullets after each 100 rounds of standard ammunition

    more info here

    this new is $28.95 + shipping. im selling it for 25$ with shipping included in the lower 48
    only reason im selling it is when i placed my order i got 1 for a friend who later backed out of buy it, so i have a extra i dont need.

    if you have questions, ask..

    this is not loaded ammo