SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Thompson Center Contender pistol


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Jan 27, 2009
for sale:
TC Contender, blue easy open frame, 10" blue 7TCU bull barrel , Pachy gripper grip and forend (with hanger bar), Leupold base & Rings, 2-7x32 EER NC Star scope.
Redding deluxe 3 die set with Lyman expander die (to resize .223 brass to 7MM) and 100 sized prepped fire formed 7TCU brass.



Package price $540 shipped insured to your FFL
package without dies and brass $485 shipped insured to your FFL
or part it out:
#1 TC Contender blue easy open frame $250 shipped insured to your FFL
#2 Pachy gripper grip, forend and hanger bar $50 shipped
#3 TC Contender, 7TCU bull blue barrel $135 shipped
#4 Leupold base & rings w/ screws #30 shipped
#5 2-7x32 NC Star EER scope $40 shipped
#6 Redding deluxe 3 die 7TCU set with Lyman expander die $60 shipped
shipping in US, additional shipping to anywhere else
looking for g2 pistol frame to build new pistol. can you e-mail me a picture of the frame.
Thanks, Eric
sorry dude, sold that back in 09.
might know someone looking to sell. but you shoul dook on
specialty psitols, sure to be one for sale there or you can post a WTB