SOLD/EXPIRED WTS-T - Lee Classic Turret Press Kit

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    Apr 12, 2007
    I just bought this on Ebay, paid $197.50 plus $15 shipping for everything listed here. I think it's a little over kill for what I am looking to do. Here's the description from the Ebay ad; I simply assembled the press and thought twice about it.
    Ebay auction link here

    The long stroke permits work on rifle cases longer than 3" using the automatic index. Deactivate the auto index to work with even larger cases. The kit comes with a Classic Turret Press, large and small primer feeders, and a Lee Pro Auto-Disc Powder Measure with four measuring discs. You also get an Auto Disc Riser for convenient use of other brands of dies with extended adjusting screws, and a Lee Rifle Charging Die for small-capacity rifle cases. The Lee Safety Scale, the only scale that can never get out of adjustment, reads to the nearest 1/20 grain. Once set up, this kit has all you need to turn out a round with a couple of pulls of the handle except cartridge components and dies.

    Also includes : chamfer tool, cutter & lock stud, and primer pocket cleaner.

    On Jan-20-11 at 15:05:20 PST, seller added the following information:

    * The Lee Pro Auto-disc powder measure is actually just a Lee Auto-disc powder measure

    If you're interested in purchasing the kit, I'd take $165 shipped to you via UPS w/ tracking information email to you asap. Preferably discrete paypal or postal money order.

    I'd also be interested in swapping it for a single stage press or kit. I don't really care what brand, or if it's new or used just so it's not abused. I'm just getting back into reloading so I need to reaquire everything including dies.