WTS SouthBend Lathe


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Feb 13, 2009
I know this isn't the classifieds, so please don't hang me.

Without be too long winded I purchased this lathe kind of prematurely. I had quite a bit of money tied up in another lathe that I thought wasn’t going to pan out, but it turns out that its going to.

After my deal on the first lathe supposedly fell through I hurried and bought this one why it was on sale because the price was phenomenal. I have been drooling over this particular lathe for several years and all of the sudden they were being offered at several thousand off. Being heart broken about the first lathe I bought this one. Kind of like breaking up with a girl back in the day…….

Long story short is I will have 2 lathes shortly and I don’t have the funds, space or need for 2. This one is up for sale.


It literally came 100% assembled. It still sits on the wood skid that it was shipped on. I have never wired power to it. The only that I have done is clean all of the cosmoline off. This alone is worth at least $5k….what a nightmare….

The model is SB1039F. You can get the specs through the link. It come with a Fagor DRO and its a 14x40. Its a beefy machine with a relatively small footprint. It weighs around 2700 pounds.

Its 3 phase 220. I bought a 10HP phase converter from American Rotary. If you don’t have 3 phase power I would offer this for the price that I paid for it.

I am back and forth between Utah and Wyoming. The lathe sits covered in my shop in Wyoming right now. I will deliver to you within a reasonable distance. If you are far I might be willing to transport for a fee.

I will help arrange shipping too if needed. I have a forklift, so I can load it up. Grizzly only charges $400 or so to ship a lathe, so it cant be much more than that to ship.

If you know anyone that may be interested please pass this along. I would really like to get it sold.

Here is a link for the specs.

The price throughout the years was always just under $20,000
It went on closeout so I purchased it for $13,995

Grizzly.com® --

Price is $12,500



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