SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Several rifles - Robar, KAC, HS Precision

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    Oct 25, 2003
    I am looking to sell the following top quality bolt action rifles. All guns are in 98%+ condition, with minimal rounds down the bore. I am primarily looking to sell, however I will entertain trade offers for a Tubb T2K, Anschutz 1913 or 2013 Aluminum Stock Free Rifle. Can send pics to serious parties, buyer pays all shipping and handling costs.

    HS Precision Pro Series 2000SA .223 Remington
    See HS website for complete details; comes with one piece scope mount, inletted accessory rail, black M24 stock with adjustable LOP, fluted barrel, Harris BR bipod. 98% condition, faint scratch near ejection port, everything else is like new. $1700.00

    HS Precision Pro Series 2000 VTD .308 Win
    HSP Pro Series 2000 Varmint Take Down (VTD) model with 20” fluted heavy barrel and factory installed muzzle brake; and excellent hunting or urban sharpshooter rig. Comes with green/black textured stock, one piece scope mount, Badger 30MM rings. Like New condition, 99%. New Cost for this is $4K and a wait – will sacrifice for $3200.00

    ROBAR SR90 .308
    All of the standard Robar SR90 specs but with Badger triggerguard and bottom metal; black stock with steel PH bipod, one piece scope mount, fluted barrel, 30mm Badger Rings, Roguard and NP3 coatings. Like New condition – the bore was broken in and the rifle has never been used in the field. $3200.00

    ROBAR SR90 .300WM
    All of the standard SR90 specs, green stock, with Parker Hale Bipod, one piece scope mount, 30MM badger rings, Roguard and NP3 coatings. Rifle is in like new condition, 99%+. $3,000.00

    KAC Stoner SR25 LW Match: Tubular handguard model with 20” match barrel. Unfired condition. $2,500.00

    KAC Stoner SR25 Match, post-ban tubular handguard model with 24” heavy match barrel. Unfired. $2750.00

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    Dec 10, 2003
    Scott is excellent to deal with. His stuff is always far better than described. I would highly recommend and defintely do business him again. Good Luck Scott!!! Both the .223 STR (Short Tactical Rifle) and the .308 VTD (Varmint Take Down) look brand new in the pic she sent me, I wish I had the cash for the VTD as that is a sweet deal.

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