SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Savage w/ Mcgowan .22-250AI

Der Verge

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Jan 3, 2010
Hey all,
I hate to barge right in and start listing, but I need to sell this. You can check me out on the savage shooters board or michigan gun owners if you need references. Copied and pasted here....

Well, unfortunately I have to raise more funds. It is killing me to list my baby, but I have no choice.
Stevens 200 action, stagger feed. Has .223 mag box (I always used rifle as a single shot). SSS competition trigger, SSS recoil lug, EGW 0 MOA base, VLP stock. Only wear on stock is right at the front sling swivel stud.
27" McGowan stainless steel .22-250 barrel, 1:8: twist, 87 rounds fired. Shows tons of potential, just have not gotten the chance to finalize any loads. Started with RL-22 which was just a touch too fast for the 75 AMAX. H-1000 seems to be the ticket. Shot a hole and a half group while fireforming brass, in 20+ mph winds. Loads with any type of velocity using lighter bullets will case the bullets to fly apart. You will have to stay above 70grs, unless you use some sort of solid bullets.
Lee .22-250 FL dies, 25 rounds loaded and ready for firing to see development (75 AMAX, various charges of H-1000, CCI 400 in fully FF and prepped cases), and 15 additional cases FF and prepped (all trimmed to equal length, flash hole debur, neck turned, etc.).
Asking $625 shipped for everything listed above.




Selling with out scope, unless you really want it and the Leupold rings. BSA
fixed 36X. Good for load development, not much else. Add $50
Listed on multiple sites. First come, first served.