SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Ruger Super RedHawk Alaskan 454 Casull Revolver


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Oct 14, 2010
Mississippi and Texas
Since I have 2 of these beasts sitting in the safe I am making this one available for someone else to enjoy. They are great for packing into bear country as well as a ton of fun to shoot. Very manageable with 45 LC ammo and a real hand cannon with heavy 454 Casull loads.
In my experience with the 2 that I have they are also very accurate.

It comes in the box with all the paperwork. I am the second owner of the revolver which was sold new in 2006. I have probably put 2 or 3 dozen rounds through it at the most, all of which were fired in my back yard and the gun has never left my property since I got it several years ago. The original owner reportedly fired it even less than I did, so I would safely estimate 50 to 60 rounds fired through this one. It has the 2.5" barrel.

I need $875.00 plus shipping for it guys, and I have plenty of various ammo and a couple of different holsters available if needed.