SOLD/EXPIRED WTS - Rem 700 Sniper Rifle, 308 Win.

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    Nov 26, 2007
    Want to sell custom Remington 700 safe queen.

    Action and bolt were trued by John Eckenrode, former US Marine Reserve Rifle Team shooter and Precision Shooting magazine writer. Barrel is a black-oxided stainless Krieger 1-11.25 twist 4-groove, finished at 25 inches, headspaced to 1.630" with Badger heavy lug.

    Iron Brigade Armory's D. Briggs bedded the rifle into the stock in August 2000. Particulars:

    McMillan A3 with molded-in woodland camo (old-school but not-quite "Smeared", current custom build wait is 25-35 weeks); adjustable cheekpiece, spacer length-of-pull, titanium pillars and Marine-Tex bedding; Badger trigger guard; Wichita swivels and bipod QD stud; epoxy sealed.

    Jewell HVR trigger.

    Fred Szablewski (Sabreco) ball bolt handle.

    SFC Chuck Gartland (US Army Marksmanship Unit armorer and 2004 and 2008 United States Olympic Team Armorer) gave it its last technical inspection and polished the chamber; adjusted the ejector; welded, trued, re-drilled and tapped the scope base holes; and installed the Nightforce 20 MOA rail.

    Rifle has 388 logged rounds (log book included, see photo) and will be shipped FFL-to-FFL in the hard case pictured.

    $2700 or swap for Schmidt-Bender PMII 5-25, P4 Fine, Counter-clockwise.

    PM contact is best.


    Serial number on logbook partly obscured: