SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Rem 700 ADL Stock and Ruger Barrel

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by krummarine, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. krummarine

    krummarine Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2006
    Rem 700 LA, RH walnut ADL stock. appears to be 70's vintage. Some scratches and handling marks, but no cracks or gouges. Comes with factory trigger guard, small, front screw. 75.00 shipped in CONUS.

    Ruger M77 MK II sporter barrel in 7mm mag. No marrs or scrapes. Don't know round count, but couldn't be many because the bore is pristine. Had a 338 RCM built on the action. 75.00 shipped in CONUS.