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    Oct 12, 2003
    WTS: MAK Tube Rifle SOLD PF

    I want to sell my MAK Tube Rifle built/assembled by Fred S. at Sabreco in Skippack, PA.
    MAK Repeater
    3 magazine variations single sled, 5 & 10 round AICS
    2 scope rails 0 & 20 degree
    MagPul AR10 adjustable stock length and cheek
    Target hand grip
    Universal Dewey bore guide
    Remi 700 PS action blue printed - trued/squared
    Jewell trigger at 2oz
    2 bolts (trued/squared) 308 & 223 with bolt handles machined/threaded for Anschutz match ball handle-installed
    3 barrels:
    223-1x8 twist Kreiger 30" 1500 rounds through it like 80gr SMK
    308-1x10 Broughton Match 22" 350 rounds (great tactical/hunting barrel
    6.5x284 1x8.5 Kreiger 30" 540 rounds
    Rifle is used, however, 'very' well maintained and the accuracy from each barrel bolt combo is outstanding.

    Will include Sinclair front bag sled & rear Caldwell bag

    223 varmints and practice
    308 tactical and hunting
    6.5x284 go and be a competitor in 1000yd F-Class matches

    You will be pleased!

    $1900 shipped to your FFL will accept reasonable offers.
    USPS Money order and confirmed/insured shipping or discrete Paypal or Gunpal + fees

    Selling to fund a new 'shooting' project!

    Have plenty of pics and info - sweet setup!

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