SOLD/EXPIRED WTS HS Precision 10FCP stock and 10FCP heavy 308 barrel, REVISED in red


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Feb 8, 2009
I have decided to go in a completely different direction that what i thought I was going to. I have stripped down my 10FCP and am offering this is a potential tactical package for some lucky individual lookin for that upgrade withour breaking the bank. I MAY also be selling my custom 300 win mag that I built awhile back so keep an eye out just in case.
The stock is a HS Precision for a savage 10 SA DBM WITH bottom metal and 1 magazine $370YD

The barrel is a savage heavy 308 with 68 rds down the tube, When I removed it for some reason it looks like part of 1 or 2 of the threads got binded, I dunno how but it did. I threaded a barrel nut on it just to make sure it would still work and it gets slightly tight in that area but mounted back to the action with NO ISSUES! I would like $110 TYD for this in lieu of the mishap. There is a pic of the bind in the bottom picture. I would like to leave this as a package deal until Friday, if by Saturday this package has not sold I will seperate the parts. Also if someone buys this complete package I will ship Priority mail.

If the same person buys BOTH items I will Drop the price to $465 TYD AND I will throw in a Savage SMALL shank 300 WSM sporter barrel.

First "Ill take it" gets it.


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