WTS HD Rifles Tactical folder

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    Aug 27, 2001
    This is my personal rifle. It has 500 rounds through it.

    Fully trued M-700 action with ejection port opened
    Base holes aligned to barrel centerline.
    Lothar Walther 1-10 twist 21" barrel with brake and ready to take a Jet suppressor, and a thread protector.
    Badger bolt knob and HDR 3 screw mod.
    Shilen trigger.
    AICS 2.0 chassis with one 5 shot mag.
    Tactical intervention M-24 sling with AI sling attachments.
    TPS Base and Rings.
    Fresh digital desert camo job. Base metal coat in Ceramic and the bolt body is done in Micro slick. Super smooth!


    The rifle shoots...well pretty darned good. I do not shoot many groups with my rifle, but the pictures below is the last one I shot with Cheapo Bell brass, no case prep. 44.5GR Varget under a 175gr SMK. Loaded on a Dillon 650.
    Ready to send Friday the 14th of Jan 2005