SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Douglas 6br barrel for Savage action(plus brass)


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Sep 27, 2008
s.e. Pa.
WTS Douglas 6br barrel for Savage action/and brass(sold)

Douglas/SSS 6br barrel
-12 twist
-23" long
-bead blasted finish
-small shank
-approx 50 rounds fired
-varmint contour

I will also include approx 90-95 pcs of Remington 6br brass
-half is once fired
-rest is new/unfired

$275 shipped in US *** NOW $260 shipped*** ***NOW 250 shipped**

*pmt by money order
**also for sale on other sites**

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Forgot to add that all barrel work was done by Fred Moreo of Sharpshooter Supply, including engraving of the caliber on one side, and the barrel specs, date, and his name on the other side.
Only reason for sale is that I have two 6br's and want to sell one of the barrels so I can build something else. My other barrel is an 8twist and I have a bunch of bullets and 200 rounds loaded for it, so I figured I'd keep that one and sell this one.
This was SPF for almost 2 weeks, but buyer has been MIA and not responding to my messages. SO this is now back up for sale.

I also am lowering the price to $250 shipped for the barrel and brass, or $230 shipped for just the barrel. I also have a new trued SSS recoil lug I will sell with the package for an additional $20.

If interested let me know, I need to sell it to pay for other purchases made when I thought it was sold.