SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Brux 243ai barrel for Savage/brass/dies

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    WTS Brux 243ai barrel for Savage/brass/dies(SPF)

    After much thought i am gonna try to sell this to buy other stuff.

    - 26" 8twist Brux barrel for a small shank savage action.
    -bead blasted finish
    -11 deg crown
    -.750" at Muzzle
    -80 rounds shot thru it to break-in barrel and form some brass
    -throated short for varmint style bullets
    -work done by Kevin Cram @ Montour County Rifles
    -custom engraved on sides of barrel

    -Also included with barrel is the brass I got
    -50pcs new 243 Estate(Federal)brass(sized)
    -10pcs 1xfired and AI formed Estate(federal) brass(resized, prepped and cleaned)
    -20pcs 1xfired and AI formed R-P brass(resized, prepped and cleaned)
    -10pcs 1xfired 243 R-P brass(sized, cleaned and prepped)(not formed to AI)(not fired out of this barrel)
    -30pcs 2xfired and AI formed R-P brass
    -will sell barrel and brass for $360 shipped in US(new was 440 plus brass)
    Also have a as new Redding 2 die set
    -FL used to size 60 pcs of brass
    -seater used to load 30 rounds
    -will sell dies for $60 shipped(new were 75)
    OR will sell everything for $410 shipped NOW SPF
    pic of barrel

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