WTS Browning Mountain Rifle

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    Mar 6, 2008
    WTS Browning Mountain Rifle, 1976 American Bicentennial 50 calibre black powder cap lock rifle,
    30" octagon barrel, iron lock, buttplate, triggerguard, German silver forearm cap, walnut stock.
    This rifle has been hunted with and has a few scratches, shoots very well, took a bull elk with a
    through and through shot from 75 yards 3 years ago in Montana. I ordered a custom Shiloh
    Gemmer Sharps and need to sell this. This would make a great hunter or a over the fireplace
    mantle rifles in one of those big fancy log houses I keep seeing being built in the mountains.
    $600 plus shipping, no FFL needed on a black powder rifle. E-mail housesmith@knology.net to
    request detailed pictures of rifle