SOLD/EXPIRED WTS/ Belgian FAL FALO HB 50.41 or in 50.42 configuation

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    Jan 6, 2011
    I have a Belgian FALO HB for sale. This weapon was built by enterprise arms, on a enterprise type 1 receiver. Weapon is a mix of excellent to new condition parts. Barrel is new belgian, top cover is FN marked, lower components are stg marked, lower receiver unknown manufacture any experts please feel free to chime in. All furniture both wood and plastic are original import not US. Upper receiver, lower receiver, bolt and carrier have matching serial numbers done by enterprise, and the upper is marked "FALO 50.42". The weapon is missing two components, the washer and roll pin for the bipod adapter are missing, this can be seen in the pics. The weapon has been fired since it was built likely by enterprise, but it has not been fired by me. The weapon is properly head spaced.
    The weapon can be purchased in HB 41 or 42 configuration

    Price of the weapon in HB 50.41 type configuration as seen in pictures with out the wood pistol grip and wood stock assembly is $1550 shipped


    Price of the weapon in HB 50.42 type configuration with wood pistol grip and 50.42 stock assembly is $2050 shipped


    Payment made by USPS money order or paypal.

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