SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: .243 Winchester Lapua brass

Rockfish Dave

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Dec 21, 2008
I have the following for sale in new, (5)unopened (1)open, all unused condition in the original box -

6 new in box 100/each box 243 Winchester Lapua brass.

Blue Box - Part Number: 4PH6009

Lot: P00524001 (5 Boxes)
Lot: P00524002 (1 Box)

$110/each box - or - $610 for all 6 boxes + actual shipping cost via UPS. (Price reflects my time and effort to ship).

If you would like to buy it post a reply that you will take it and follow up with a PM for payment instructions.

Payment via USPS MO preferred, all shipping is CONUS via UPS Ground unless otherwise arranged. Payment must clear before shipping.