WTS: 243 components


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Jan 11, 2012
x1 fired(some of it is actually new factory primed but we'll just call it x1 fired) 450 pieces, roughly 300 Winchester( a lot of this older Winchester brass is Super Speed, none of the Winchester brass is newer than 2008 and only a handful of it), 100 R-P, 50 mixed FC, Hornady, Norma, Sako

*190* 75gr HP, flat base(these are pulls, no pull marks from a collet but you can see where they sat in the neck on some of them, additionally, someone ran them through a tumbler at some point as some of them have bits of media on the hollow point. I was going to use them as blaster bullets for my AR10 but never got around to it)

*60* 85gr HP, boat tail(same story as above)

*80* Hornady 100gr SP

*100* Hornady 80gr FMJ

*65* Speer 85gr SP

265.00 shipped