SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: Weatherby Mark V Magnum Action


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Dec 18, 2009
Looking for a Weatherby Mark V magnum action. Preferably in stainless steel. If anyone has a lead on one, I would greatly appreciate a heads up.

I will keep a look out for ya. But they can be hard to find. I would look into a stainless synthetic Mark V for a doner. I have bought them new for under $700 new. Buy it in a popular cal like .257, 270, 300, or 340 and you can sell the barrel as new take off then sell the stock too. The bolt face can be opened up, bolt stop lengthened and mag box and follower changed for a minimal cost.

Just a thought.

I'm watching a couple donors on gunbroker. I'm just hoping the reserves are not too high.
i have a stianless mark V mag action id sale ya. it has been trued and lapped. let me know if your interested. thanks huntinfool18