SOLD/EXPIRED WTB 6.8 SPC Dies, Bullets, Ammo

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by hockyplayr69, May 11, 2013.

  1. hockyplayr69

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    Mar 9, 2012
    Had success previously for the SAUM, thought I'd try again with the 6.8.

    1. Looking for a set of dies - Lee, RCBS, Hornady, brand doesn't really matter. Not looking for a micrometer or outrageously expensive set. I just do some target shooting and whitetail hunting primarily. (had some dude offering a pacesetter 3 die set at $100 - yeah, no...not paying "freak out" prices)

    2. Brass - again, don't really care about brand. Would prefer small primer though (picked up 3 boxes of hornady already, small primer I believe - correct me if I'm wrong). Don't need 100000000 pieces. Maybe 100-200 max.

    3. Bullets - like I said, mostly a whitetail hunting/paper punching weapon. I have 120gr SST's right now. Would take those, or 100-110gn Noslers (Accubond preferred). Or if you have some FMJ/HPBT for paper punching (cheaper though not match/holy ---- these are the best ever for $2.50/bullet)

    4. Ammo - whatever you got really. Hunting/target rounds. Don't really have much of a use for V-max or lighter weight bullets (ie: less than 100gn) - but if you have a good price and just want to get rid of it let me know.

    And if any of you guys have any awesome loads you've worked up, or any reloading data, I'm open to suggestions. Haven't reloaded the 6.8 yet. Just assembled the weapon - Bison Armory 18" SPR 1:11"

    email is best - [email protected]

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    Feb 11, 2012
    Re: WTB 6.8 SPC Dies, Brass, Bullets, Ammo

    Kyle, I have 150 new Remington 6.8 brass and 3 bags of Remington FMJ 115gr (300 total) that I don't have a good plan for using right now. PM me if interested. Thanks, Mike

    By the way, I had an 18" Bison (actually a Shaw barrel) just like the one you've got and it shot like the Dickens with factory Hornady SST's - right now I have a 14.5" Black Rain Ordnance barrel - not nearly the tack driver, but still very effective on whitetails and fast moving hogs - you will have some fun with it no doubt.

    Wish I could help out on load data but I have never got around to loading for this one (a shame I know)....