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Dec 30, 2009
I'm trying really hard to find a 338RUM Sendero. I may have interest in something else if it's similar-heavy barrel, nice stock, etc... Thanks for your help!
They are rare and overpriced when I do find them.

I could buy a 300rum sendero and rebarrel it with a custom for less!

Hopefully Remington realizes the demand is growing and brings it back.
Remington is building a 338 Lapua, so I do not think they will bring back the 338RUM. I saw the Remington 338 Lapua this past weekend at a gun show for $1,200.
338 lapua is a good round the edge is way cheaper to shoot and has better ballistics, also my buddys is a semi custom with a match grade barrel and consistantley shoots .5 MOA. check it out on YOU TUBE shooting over a thousand yards its under G&J shooting. He was letting it go with night force rings and bases, dies and brass for around 1400.00. Now a gun that shoots this good and the price and a smoking round worked up I would like to see you find a Lapua for that. He is pushing 300 grain SMK at 2892!
What kind of boost in performance does the edge or lapua offer over the rum ballistcally? I'm just not sure I can see they're worth the extra money, but I could be missing something?
There is a new 338 SS RUM Model 700 on Gunbroker. It has the trinyte finish. Around 900.00 I was going to purchse it and restock it but I got a great deal on a 300RUM SS. Not exactly what your looking for.....
to be honest the edge and lapua are closely related but yet still two different things at the same time. The edge is based off a 300 Ultra casing and is necked up to 38 caliber. The 300 ultra casing actually comes from the 404 jeffery so this means when the casing is necked up to 38 caliber it has a bigger shoulder and in turn will hold more powder. The edge shoots the 300 grain SMK at around 2800 + FPS out of a 30 inch barrel. Which is faster that a Lapua. The edge rifle in it's self to build is miles cheaper than a Lapua and the reloading almost seems half the cost.
As for overall performance edge verse lapua if you have 3 to 6 thousand dollers to buy the lapua and pay 5+ dollers a round than go for it. But we built our edge off a remington action with a match grade barrel, custom trigger, nice chote stock, DE muzzle brake and a wyatts extended mag box for 1500 dollers and it shoots around .5 MOA and is a little over two dollers a round to shoot.
I am no expert at this by any meens but this is what I know about this gun it's too easy to shoot and dope wind it's almost unfair.