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Jul 7, 2008
columbia falls, mt
looking for a 338 edge, ultra or ax for a friend. he lives where the wind blows in eastern montana and wants to play at some longer distances. remington or a clone would be good, right hand is a must, synthetic or laminate is ok. looking for approx 28" tube and scoped with a NF 22x would be perfect. PM's are welcome. he is an older gentleman and time is an issue for him. thank you for your time.
it would be great to hook him up with a brand new APS, but he is trying to get away from some of the time involved in waiting for a new build from kirby. my friend is looking to cut some time is all. thanks
You might just drop Kirby or Shawn or the other smiths on the site an email and see if by chance they have something available right now. Probably not, but you never know. Alternatively, you might check with Len's new rifle service. I think they try and get you a rifle within a month. Hard to believe.

Custom Long Range Hunting Rifles

Len's site above shows that he has 338 EDGES in stock ready to ship. This might be your best bet for speed of delivery... The components he's using look pretty top notch. Knowing what I know now and if I was in a pinch like you are, I'd buy one.
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