SOLD/EXPIRED WTB 300 Whisper Brass or Loaded Ammo


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Aug 21, 2011
Lynchburg, TN
Thinking of building a 300 Whisper but want to see if I can find ammo or brass before I do. Had enough trouble finding 7 RUM brass. Don't want to start that again. I know I can find a barrel, just not sure I can find anything to shoot in it. If you've got some you can do without or know where I can find some I'd appreciate it.
It's not a wildcat any more. Hornady is loading it in a subsonis and supersonic load. I'd like to go that way on brass and loaded ammo.
I have a somewhere between 100 and 200 rounds of 221 Fireball brass and a set of 300/223 (300 Whisper) dies. All you have to do is run the brass through the dies and load up. I should have some formed brass around as well. I used this set up in two different rifles with no problems.
Consider this: I got the Whisper urge 3 years ago....had lotsa components so...built a 30-.223.....223 brass and 155 scenars...1:12 twist barrel.... I use it for metallic silhouette.....
bill larson

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