Would you recommend this .308 Savage

That looks like a very handy coyote gun. Short light but a heavier barrel should make for real nice handling. I don't know if you saw it but the Predator in Max 1 is accustock and trigger also and 243. 1.5 lbs heavier though. You can load some light fast 308's or something a little heavier for some deer or hog type game. Heck, it's a gun what's not to like :D I would shop for a better price!
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I just downloaded the Savage catalog and found the Max 1. Definitely a contender. Both rifles are repeaters, have camo stocks and, of course, accu-everything. I know that Cabela's features the carbine, but I have concerns about .308 accuracy being affected by the 20" barrel with the carbine model. I think 22" might have been a better match, but I would presume that Savage feels the 20" barrel provides enough accuracy for game larger than prairie dogs....at least at shorter ranges. The rifle will not be used for ranges longer than 300 yards (most coyotes I have shot are in the 100-yard ranges....or even less). I know that the .308 possesses inherent accuracy, plus I like short actions whenever possible, and the carbine might offer slightly better handling, and it would certainly make my back happier.

Cabela's might be pricier, but I plan to purchase the rifle where it is available, and don't want to pay for shipping, FFL stuff, etc., which would certainly add over $100 to the original price. There are no Cabela stores in California, and the nearest ones are in Nevada and Phoenix. Since I plan to travel to Arizona soon for coyotes, I thought it might be easier to pick up a rifle there, provided that they have one in stock, and save the hassle of getting the rifle shipped. Of course, I would have to sight in the rifle and use box ammo, but no big deal here. If the rifle shot decently with store-bought cartridges, I would go that route. As far as I am concerned, it is impractical to purchase more dies, bullets, cases, etc., just to reload fifty cases or so, even though I might squeeze an extra quarter of an inch out of the groups. At these shorter ranges, MOA is fine with me.

Get them to order a 243 for you , It shouldn't take more than a few days to get one.I have a Savage 243 that I built on a 270 donor action and it is very versatile 70 grain Noslers for 'yotes 95 grain VLD's or 105 A-max for deer size game.

The nice thing abou ordering is that you save sales tax , no matter what you still have to pay FFL fees.

my two cents ,

No way!!!! Too expensive.

You could get a $300 Stevens 200, $300 Shilen barrel, and a $200 Stockade stock and have a way better gun than that.
+1 with bigngreen and mkg...order and go 243...you know the 243 is really what you want.
Personally, I'd stay with .308 but go with Model: 10 FCP-K Law enforcement series for just a few $ more instead.


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