Would you get rid of wind?

If you had godlike power, would you get rid of wind?

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May 23, 2017
Bradford County, Pennsylvania
I was shooting mid/long range the other day with some friends. 600-1000 yards. At times, it was remarkably easy to connect on steel at any given range that we had steel set up. At others, maddeningly so. Due to me not being a good wind reader.

However, it made me think that I'm not sure I'd have it any other way. Would become a bit boring, no?

So, if you had the ability to snap your fingers and eliminate wind, would you? Thinking permanently here, obviously it would be nice for a hunting shot, etc.

Feel free to discuss!
I like shooting with friends in the wind. Not really fond of light switching wind but a steady wind is kinda fun to shoot. I wouldn’t say I’m any good but crazy lucky which seems to trump. I would never trust my luck though for hunting but I don’t call it a day if it’s windy probably due to the long drive and tight schedule to shoot distance.
Wind is the devil and of course for hunting I'd kill wind instantly. Rarely is anything else going to have such a significant impact on bullet path.

Now, on the other hand, since we can't do this, I shoot for load development in good conditions and train in wind. I absolutely love first round impacts in wind over varying mountain terrain. Nothing feels better to me then making a shot count in less than ideal conditions. It reinforces wind calling ability and the knowledge to know when a shot is just not worth taking. Risk vs reward and I don't take a lot of risk on big game. Predators..... send it.
Wind is the nemesis of long range shooting. If I could……yes. But you can’t.
at that point everyone would be shooting 2+ miles. If you can eliminate the main variable that causes a miss at long range it would be so much easier to make impacts at ELR distances.
In Oklahoma the wind blows more than not.
Personally, I like shooting in the wind. There is so much to learn on any given day with reading wind and ground terrain.
Making a shot on an animal is difficult at longer ranges, and a good long range shooter knows when to not take the shot and when all is good to go.
If it wasn’t for wind everybody would be shooting long.
There is long range shooters/hunters that know their limits due to range time and then there are those that talk about the car sized steel target they made an impact on somewhere on that car sized target.
No wind would be extremely boring.