Would you be willing to help me with an ongoing poll about hunting with suppressors?


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
Our TV station in Casper has a poll going about legalizing suppressors for hunting in WY.
I would like to see this pass myself.
I would appreciate your help
Here is the link. The poll will be on the right side of your screen.
K2TV - Wyoming's News Leader


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Oct 31, 2009
Thunder Basin, WY
Re: Would you be willing to help me with an ongoing poll about hunting with suppresso

Howdy Ernie,:)

As much as I'd Absolutely Love to be able to use a suppressor for calling coyotes and shooting prarie dogs (hopefully lots more doubles/triples/quads on coyote stands, and more shooting time before the educated dogs go down their holes).........I would hope they keep big game hunting as it is.

IMO, we have enough problems with poachers and tresspassing and property destruction (I know, I know; it's the ***'s that ruin it for everyone) without them also being able to get a shot or multiple shots off without someone at least hearing it.

I'd be somewhat in favor for it for varmints and predators, especially on private land with permission from landowner...............I'll get on to those reasons in a bit.

Reasons I say on private land, is I feel there's somewhat of a public safety factor on public lands (similar reason we can't spotlight on public lands, even if it's the landowner who leases these lands, spotlighting is only legal on private lands with landowner permission to spotlight)..........since it's public land, anyone could be just over the hill at any time.

Public Land, just an example.
Now lets say theoretically that you were out scouting for antelope, just over the hill from me and I was out shooting prarie dogs with a silencer..............I perhaps wouldn't know you were anywhere around, you perhaps wouldn't know I was shooting or even there..........perhaps, just maybe you might walk right into my direction of fire without either of us knowing it.

After all, my eye is in a 25X scope with a very small field of view, and you were unaware that I was shooting due to the silencer (from a distance, we rarely know which direction someone is shooting, but we at least can usually tell there is someone over there shooting).

Whereas if I didn't have a suppressor, you would be able to tell right away that someone is shooting just over the hill and woudn't (in your right mind anyway) top the ridge without taking some precautions about which direction I was possibly fireing..........this was just one example that came to mind. Granted, it's always the shooters responsibility to know his target and what's beyond, but we as shooters also expect that no one will walk right into our line of fire. We all know ricochets happen in dog towns and can happen anytime, especially a missed target, and who knows where those bullets go.

At least on private land with landowner permission to use a silencer, the landowner usually knows who is there and only allows so many hunters at any one time, and could tell any other hunters that "Joe so and so" is shooting dogs with a silencer, so just because you don't hear any shots doesn't mean he's not shooting.

As a landowner who gives alot of people permission to hunt and shoot on my property, I can't honestly say I'd like them to be using silencers. I'd personally rather hear the shooting so I at least know where abouts they are shooting. When they are here shooting prarie dogs, I already know whereabouts they are and generally which directions they are likely to be shooting.

Sorry to be so long winded, but it is a complicated subject in my opinion.
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Oct 1, 2008
Re: Would you be willing to help me with an ongoing poll about hunting with suppresso

SBruce , you might want to spend some time being around a silencer to form an educated opinion of this subject an the use of a silencer . Most people stereotype them into being movie quiet, in which there not anything like the movies .Another misconceptions is that if a person owns a silencer he is up to do something illegal . When in fact we as owners of class 3 items are more law abiding citizens and value our ownership an abide by the laws an the use of these items . I don't live in Wyoming but I would like to see people be able to use them to hunt with .


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Jan 22, 2003
Re: Would you be willing to help me with an ongoing poll about hunting with suppresso

Suppressors should be legal to hunt with. Just as snowpro440 stated, suppressors are not completely silent especially shooting magnum rifles. Even if someone was shooting a suppressor and you were out hunting you would hear the crack of the bullet as it broke the sound barrier. Also you would hear the shot unless it was a subsonic round.

As for the fairness of game animals. I hunted last year in Colorado with a suppressor and killed a cow elk at 1092 yards. The cow was standing 30 yards to the left of a group of 30 elk. When I fired and killed the cow with a suppressor on my rifle the group of 30 elk ran for the hills because they either heard the crack of the bullet or the sound of the rifle going off.

For those that don’t own a suppressor they make your rifle so much more pleasant to shoot. You don’t have the huge concussion from the muzzle blast. Your hearing is somewhat saved. In Europe it is considered rude if you go to the range and don’t have a suppressor on your rifle
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