Would this be fair to say?

Berger does not have you do the testing from a tune.
That wouldn't work as you would come in & out of tune with the testing.

Your method fits my earlier radio analogy.
You do your ladder, which is barrel tune, with seating pulled from your butt.
Better is to do tuning with at least optimum coarse seating, a prerequisite, so that you won't throw up shotgun patterns to interpret.
Mikecr: Got it download this time. Thanks!
Years ago, I found a way to make almost any rifle shoot much better with very little work. Never got a chance to capitalize on it one bit- life happens- but I've kept it under my hat for over 20 years and I'll be damned if I'm giving that secret out until I've exhausted every means to get it patented and do something with it
Dang it Magoo! Don't go to the grave with your secret process....lol We need all the help we can get! I always enjoy reading others processes even though I am far from being a great shooter or loader. It's that I learn more all the time that keeps me intrigued. And I am no spring chicken. Old enough to rock my Grumpy old vet shirt!
Smart to keep it under wraps. Some JA will steal your idea and make a fortune on it.