Work done by Premier Recticle


Mar 6, 2003
I know some of you has had some work done by premier reticle (John in Mo.) and i was wondering about the work and price. Let me know what you thought and what you got done. I am looking to get a Vari-X III(target dot or duplex) or a LR M1 (milli dot)8.5x25x50 LR - i was thinking about getting the illuminated. To whom it may concern what are your thoughts? I know I could go thru Leupold to get the same thing.
You're KILLIN ME HERE......
.The ONLY thing I would do to a Leupold is bigger knob's......I've never had any work done on one....Never felt the need............................(Me in a Whisper)There he is Steve...Are you on him??Butch,get me a range....750 YARD'S?????Give me one more reading....750..(CLICK,CLICK,CLICK,ECT,ECT,ECT)(Putting click's on gun)O.K Steve relax,you're shaking as bad as a 17 year old girl on prom night
....OK. tell us when you're gonna go...(Steve in a whisper)Here it goes.POOOOOWWWWWWWWW.....The 31" mule deer bedded under the(Insert whatever type of tree or bush they have in WYO)hunches up at the strike of the 220gr MK that left Steve's 300 Ultra barrel at 3000fps.the buck never get's to his feet...(Me in a whisper)You got him bud,nice shot.....(ME SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF)BUTCH,GET HIM OFF ME.HE'S TRYING TO KISS ME!!!!!!!!!!
Steve in a whisper? , YEH RIGHT. Bodie, you forgot the part where I am on the ground laughing my ars off at you guys. Can't Wait.

I didn't know "BOTH" those guys were like that??? I didn't know it was Boyd and Steve either.
I thought it could be Bodie and Baldie but, not Steve????

What goes on here, one guy "on" another and trying to kiss "EACH OTHER"????

Are these the Lock Haven "Funny Fellows" we've heard about??
It's been a long winter here in PA. but.....

Oh well, give us a "FULL" report after the hunt.

Just couldn't resist this one.


PS---Butch, you might want to consider keeping your sleeping bag zipped all the way up around those guys ???
boys boys boys -
1st off the (Insert whatever type of tree or bush they have in WYO) would be known as sage brush.
2nd - the only time i shake during the hunt is when i am done watering the sage.
3rd - butch if i go to kiss boyd....shoot me shoot me friggen quick.
4th - all be it you have not hunted with wyo and myself yet your in for a treat, all in good time - we all will work, we all will see plenty of game, we will pick the ones we want, we will all get a shot or four (one muley and three lopes), and then we will all have a story to tell that we can then let all see via video - god bless america.
5th - what a great way to start with new friends.
6th - check your pulse boyd i dont want you too get over heated just was interested in the illuminated reticle
Hunt,this trip is gonna be a trip I won't soon if ever forget....I might not wanna come back to Pa
.1......Tie me to the mule so I don't fall off....2....If you start running,please stop once in a while and wait for me cause I can't run..3...How about a hand shake and a pat on the back????4......In for a treat??I could'nt think of a bunch of guy's I'd rather hunt with
5....We are gonna have a blast,The first Big Muledeer buck I see and am allowed to shoot is gonna meet a 162gr a-max from the far end of my Miller built Stw..
.....6.....The last time I got overheated was the first time I saw my new housekeeper in her birthday suit...I'll send you a pic...
We are gonna learn alot from each other.It's gonna be a blast.
I kinda liked the look of Darryl's neighbors. I doubt you'd find anything like that down at the MOO MOO BUCKAROO! Trust me we aren't gonna be filmin any bucks gone wild video. Darryl, Don't worry pal my sleepin bag ain't the only thing thats gonna be zipped up tight. I will be to scared to snore,and don't feed me beans or I'll show all you guys the true meanin of daisycutter.
remind you to tell you about the camping story one day. and yes you are 100% correct sir there will NO bucks gone wild video (LOL). great now i have to send out another email on what we can and cant eat - from the sounds of it your 'daisycutter' could double for bear repellant. just dont bring peppermint gum or mints. you will confuse the hell out of the bear.
holy chit - after the long drawn out deal with the whole "that time of the year - colorado hunt planning" posting thang, i would like you to know WE dont use mules, donkeys, jackasses what ever you want to call them WE use horses.

and secondly i think i want to see the housekeeper pic. but i dont think it will be as nice as the pic/video of the result of the 163 gr a-max from your stw !!!
Can't say I laugh all that much at these boards until .... Hunt724 shows up... of course it never did take him long to get anyone laughing and excited...

Now read this carefully the first one to snore or produce flatulants IN my tent will end up OUTSIDE my tent .. are we clear on that....

The first one of you flatlanders not able to keep up w/me and hunt724 will be fed flatulant foods to help you keep up...

The only bucks gone wild video we film will be when we pull on our boots and hit the town.. and we'll be sure to stop at Cassies supper club and saloon.....

hey Hunt724 I am almost as excited about this hunt as I was the first time you ventured this way....

I was out busting volley ball sized rocks at 1150 yesterday .. boy it felt good to squeeze the trigger again....
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