Woodleigh Bullets


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Jan 10, 2012
Some rifles work well with them, others not so much.

What I have found to be certain is that they kill extremely well, normally putting two holes in a critter. I like wound channels with crossflow ventilation.

Where I can, I use Woodies, but I can get them at very fair prices from a good friend so have them for most of my hunting cartridges (6.5, 7, 30, 338 and 416).


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Feb 25, 2008
They are locally made for me and I use them for up close and personal work on our Sambar deer.
I run the 180g or 200g PP, both with the ‘Magnum’ nose profile outta 300WM’s or the 225g PP outta 338WM’s.
When I can obtain brass, I will give the 200g PP a run in my new 300RUM.
I have only ever recovered 375’s from a 375 Weatherby on water buffalo and 416’s from a 416 Rigby on water buffalo. I did recover all 3 from my 500NE, 570g RNSP, from buffalo. Never recovered any in 458 from a 458 Lott, 500g RNSP, or 600g RNSP from my 505 Gibbs.
As you can see, I use a lot of them, I’m also going to try the 7mm versions outta my 7STW, not sure which one’s yet, but it will be the heavies for Sambar.
The expansion of these and the accuracy have always been MoA or better, even in the big bores and I didn’t have to worry about regulating my 500NE double because Geoff strives to copy the original Kynoch nose profiles so that regulation is spot on.


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