Wolf Management

One Hole

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Jun 19, 2015
North Idaho
Not sure if it's brought up here before but there's an organization in Idaho that will pay hundreds of dollars for every wolf you shoot or trap (wolves are no longer protected in Idaho).

Checkout: https://foundationforwildlifemanagement.org/

This helps combat the stupidity of some wildlife managers. I say "some" because this organization is actually endorsed by Idaho Fish and Game.
They have been mentioned in posts before, but it sure doesn't hurt to bring them to the forefront again!
We were trying to get a payment system like they do in Idaho over here in Montana, but the Legislature failed us.
We'll remember that, though, come the next election!
Banquet is on February 8 in Sandpoint, Idaho. Lots of amazing giveaways and auction items up for bid. Good outfit.
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