Wolf Hunting... which state is BEST???


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May 8, 2020
Northern Minnesota
How about Minnesota?
We have thousands! We had three seasons a while back before they shut it down again. Very divided up here. There is a push to open a season again so my fingers are crossed. Fed DNR trapped out 37 within a mile of my house over two years and we still don’t have a season. When we had seasons, they allotted roughly 400 wolves. Upon harvest you were to report it and when 400 was hit, season was over that day.

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Apr 30, 2020
Rexburg ldaho
My cross-hairs have been focused on Idaho as the main target for wolves, and probably MT as the next one... but I'm sure there is enough territory in Idaho to keep a guy busy enough without the need to venture to another one.... but it's good to have another option. Hopefully a tough winter will bring them down lower as they follow the game animals. It's going to be interesting... a real learning curve for sure.
Any body hunting wolf in Idaho is Welcome I wish you all the luck in the World


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