Wolf Hunting... which state is BEST???

But I see six bodies, no?

Here’s 3 sleeping at 300. Big alpha male. Only killed 1. Hit another at 750 which was the only time I could a clear shot and it was bad wind call. I probably should have just called and waited for it to come in but I’ve killed a lot predators at 750 so I felt good about the range. Doh
1st story, 3 killed, what rifle/ caliber, what bullet, where do you like to hit them when being precise/ picky. Center body, or shoulders, or is it just like a coyote? Thanks for the eye candy!
Those were a 6.5-284, 147 eld, 3020 fps. I aim behind the shoulder. Boiler room. Stay away from the shoulder as it can blow a big hole. These are easy to kill if you out the bullet where it belongs.