Wolf caliber and round?

Comfisherman - 7 RUM works fine on wolf. Condition of the hide is really determined by bullet construction more than cartridge used. Highly frangible bullets leave a REALLY big exit hole. Heavier constructed bullets for large game like Elk and Moose, typically leave a exit hole that is easy to deal with. The most blown out hides I have seen were those shot with Vmax, SPSX etc type bullets. Those shot with my standard TTSX ot TSX typically have a good but not huge exit hole. Even 147 grain BT FMJ don't leave all that much smaller an exit wound when we used them in 300 Win Mags.
Wow - Looks like I'm doing it wrong. I better use something other than a 22 LR.......mauser
Well, if you are finishing them off in a trap or snare, 22RF works just fine, but that isn't really what this topic is about. If you are shooting them with a 22Rf because that is what you have when you see them, fine, but not my choice if I am specifically trying to shoot wolves.
I see your point but I am not a Wolf hunter. When I am in the bush, I have a 22 with me and that's what I use.
I see your point but I am not a Wolf hunter. When I am in the bush, I have a 22 with me and that's what I use.
Just to be clear this is a long range hunting page and people are specifically targeting a long range round for wolf hunting. Clearly up close and personal a 22 could be damaging but it’s not a choice anyone should be making for a wolf hunting rig even if bush whacking. It’s an amazing good small game cartridge but a wolf isn’t small game
I guess I have a lot to learn..........Boozhoo
Maybe yes, maybe no. How many wolves have you killed with the 22rf. Not counting trapped or snared, the closest I have shot a wolf was 150 yards. Most were well over 250, some over 900 yards. Even over found carasses for attractant we set uop over 200 yards away. I spend a lot of time in bush with a gun in hand and gun or not only once have I seen a wolf closer than 50 yards.
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Drove back in to cell service to update weather map as the satellite one isn't working. Wife's doing emails while I looka at this... goofy thread had devolved to "my dad can beat up your dad"...

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Lots of black bears, actually the most I've seen with leaves on the trees. Usually they are more elusive till the trees go nekkid. Haven't heard any wolves yet, usually hear them here on calm nights. Guess I'll have to be back next month with a little more down on.

My only hesitancy with the 7 rum is my luck prepping for 4-500 yard critters (normal shot according to the friend who lives out there for last 20 years and pokes a few each year) and whack one at bow ranges. His little brother has 2 this year at what would be average archery ranges, but they were shots of opportunity not focused hunt shots.

It's always easier to manage a 75 grain v max at 3400 than a 120 at 3600... at least if you don't need the oomph.