Woe is me!!

This is a little late but may help you or others. There are a 1/2 dozen water leak detector valves on the market which , if you put them on your incoming service line, will turn off the water after a certain amount goes through at any given time. Won't stop all water but will keep your house or basement from flooding.
Sorry for your flood, every time we leave our house for more than a day I turn off the water to the house. a broken fill line for a toilet can flood your house over a weekend.
Hi guys,

Here's my story and also a couple of questions.

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went out of town (about 11/2 hours away) for my grand daughter's graduation. We wound up and spent the night. So the next morning, my brother ( who lives down the road from me) calls and says hey you've got problems. He proceeds to tell me there was water running from underneath my garage door in the basement. he went into the basement and sure enough, the main water supply line has broken and flooded my basement, Fortunately, it broke above the water cutoff and he was able to shut it off.

When we got home that day, I could not believe my bad luck. The only water pipe on the front side of the house is the main water supply line and yep you guessed it, that is where my reloading bench was located. The water had totally covered the top of the bench and gotten everything on it wet ( dies, press, manuals, etc.). I also had every primer I own underneath a shelf on the bench and they also got wet. I had a few rifles sitting in the corner where I had left them out of the safe because I had went turkey hunting the morning we left. I was able to take them all apart and dry them and oil them and I think they will be just fine.

Now for the questions. I know the primers are most likely toast but I had all of my powder sitting underneath the bench on a shelf in original plastic hugs. A few of them were unopened including an 8lb. jug of H-1000 and a couple of new 1lb. Retumbo and RL-26's I had stumbled across. I do not think the cans of powder were directly exposed to any water. Do you think that the powder will be ok to use? I have opened the jugs and the powder looks dry and moves like it is dry.

I also wanted to ask that if there is anyone pretty close to me in western NC that has any extra primers ( SR, LR, LRM) they are willing to part with at a reasonable price or knows where I can find them, please let me know.

Thanks for listening to my sad story and any input would be appreciated.

I have actually filled cases with primers in them with water just to get the water weight for that case to use in my QL program.

I only did 4-5 that way, but then I just turned the cartridges over and let them drain and dry for a few days, all of those primers were fine and they were under 2-3 inches of water, directly exposed.

I'd just air the primers out a few days and I believe they will be fine.
You can randomly load 5-10 and take them out and try them to see.
Dont throw them out without seeing first.......too hard to get to waste.