Winchester Model 70 220 Swift-


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Jun 15, 2009
Toledo Ohio
I found a used Model 70 at the other day in 220 Swift. It is the heavy barrel stainless with choate varmint stock. Don't know much about Winchesters I prefer Savage but would like to get your 2cents. asking price is $660 no scope. Can't tell how many rounds have been through it. I did notice the front of the bolt between the lugs is slightly smaller dia the the main section of the bolt, is this normal?
If it is the heavy varmint model the stock is a H-S Precision (not a choate) and one of the best off the rack you will find. I have 2 of these although 1 has been rebarreled to a 22-250AI.
I think it is the best off the rack varmint gun ever, the one and only drawback is the trigger. it is flat out gruesome. on one rifle I put on a Timney Trigger, the initial fit was horrible but after half a day of fitting it was a very nice and crisp 20oz pull.
On my other rifle I put on a Jewell, it is the best trigger that I own, for some reason it is even better than my many Remington Jewell triggers.
Worth a try IMO
If the rifle you're looking at is a Model 70 SA "Heavy Varmint", as stamped on the barrel, it is a good one. The one I own is in .243 Win and is the most accurate rifle I have owned in this caliber, and I've owned several. I bought it used in Kennewick, Washington for $500.00.
The 3rd handload out of it, Winchester 85gn HP Match bullet, 44.5gn of IMR4831 and BR2's, produced a .267" group. In fact, the only bullet that hasn't shot well from this rifle is the 70gn Ballistic Tip, but it hasn't shot well in two other .243's either. I thought it may have been a barrel twist issue but it shot the 65gn V-Max in to .3-.4's.
In November I loaded up the 95gn Ballistic Tip with 44.0gn of Viht N560/BR2's and again it shot .2's. Can't ask for much more from a factory rifle. I took a groundhog at 580yds with this load.
The stock on mine is like uncleb's, a HS Precision with wide forearm. As for the bolt, I think you're talking about the recessed portion where the cartridge rim fits in. The brass extractor just pops over the rim upon closing the bolt.
The trigger on mine is excellent. Definately no need for an aftermarket. I adjusted it down to 2lbs and it breaks crisp with no perceivable take-up. Great rifle all the way around, I think. JohnnyK.
UB/JK, Thanks for the replies. The gun has the Choate Ultimate Varmint stock,(same stock I put on my Savage 223). As for the bolt, the area of concern is on the side between the lugs, not the recessed portion.

I tried to find some cost information on line but no luck. I think $660 may be a little high, your thoughts???
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