Winchester m70 take off barrels


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Jan 4, 2012
Hanford, California
I have 4 model 70 barrels
1- 300wsm 1-10" twist featherweight barrel 22? Or 24" (not to sure not with me at the moment) this one came off of the pre 64 action style, good bluing less than 200 rounds ran through - $200 obo

2- 308 win 1-10" twist came off a stealth II so it is a heavy barrel 26" length less than 600 rds ran through blowing is in good shape. -$200 obo

3-270 winchester 1-10" twist I assume not sure on this one. Sporter contour 22? Maybe 24" (I don't have it with me at the moment) bluing is decent some scratches rd count under 200
$150 obo
4- 30-06 actually a pre-64 barrel 24" length no clue on round count - $200 obo

Let me know if any interest and I'll get you pictures and measurments
Thank you
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