Winchester M-70 Coyote - Anybody Shooting One

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
Just got one of these rifles in .22-250 and am interested to hear anything about others. I am surprised that my rifle does not have any factory bedding compound in the recoil lug recess - interested to hear if they are all like that since Winchester shoots a glob of bedding material into most of their M-70 stocks. Trigger is 5.25 lb with significant movement before and after letoff, that is not tricky to fix. Safety is somewhat difficult to operate, might get easier with use. Front stock bolt was in place, not tightened period, back is very tight. Fired ten shots in a break-in session and one lug is showing very nice contact, the other much less, a streak through the mid point only.

When I first got my Stealth the safety was almost impossible to work, and then just stuck in the fire position. I've heard of a guy with an FN SPR's who had the same trouble. (on the first edition)

My right lug also doesn't contact as much as my left lug, but the rifle performs outstanding for a factory stick. I can only imaging how good it would shoot with 100% lug contact and a trued face.

On the safety issue... I sent the rifle back new and unfired and they fixed the safety, replaced the stock after it has been chipped (my fault) and shot three test targets to verify the rifle as a sub MOA shooter (which they kindly sent back with the rifle)

I'll likley not buy a new Remington again due to their QC issues. Winchester, even with the few issues I had with mine, has earned my business through their customer service. I'm not sure if what you have is standard for the Coyotes' but I'm pretty sure they'll make it right for you.

If I'm not mistaken it's basiclly the same rifle as the Stealth with 2" lopped off the tube and a laminated stock. With Stealths so hard to find I'm suprised there's any of these left on the market.

The Coyote has a much lighter barrel contour than the Stealth, and it is a stainless barrel with a bead-blasted finish. I am interested to hear if anyone else has a Coyote and if their rifle has any bedding in it, seems that every M-70 I have looked at has a gob of "bedding compound" in the lug recess area.
Overall this is a nicely put-together rifle, the barrel sits evenly in the stock, receiver and trigger guard assembly fit well.
Shot 10 rounds today during barrel break-in and got it on the 100 yard target quite easily. Took a lot of adjustment out of a Bushnell 3200 10x tactical to get the elevation. I am using Warne steel two-piece bases, if I put a sloped base on would probably help. Will play with this scope for a while, then try something else.
Would like to try a Coyote in .308 Win., might make a nice carrying rifle with the right scope on it. Barrel is a little light and it will heat up faster than the Stealth.
I did a piece in this issue of NRA Am. Hunter on the Stealth, you might enjoy it.
Have had two of them, one it 22-250 strung shots vertically but still shot sub moa. The other in 308 was a perfect carry rifle but alas had a barrel problem. With a starter load of varget, J-4 nosler 168, and winchester brass it shot into one ragged hole at 100 but copper fouled like crazy. long story short barrel had a flaw visible to the eye close to muzzle end and the bolt face looked like it was made by hand. Sent it back to dealer and money was replaced as flaws where very obvious.Too bad because as I said it was a great handling rifle, shot well but winchester needs a little better quality control.and no never did look at the bedding on either. I think next one is a Tikka, again.
I highly recommend SAKO. My -06 Finnlight shoots .5 inch groups with 180 Grain Noslers out of the box. And it weighs 5 1/2 lbs!

I shoot a 270WSM in the Coyote, Other than having the triger worked to 2lbs because of a lot of creep and a 5.5lb pull, and putting a brake on it so my wife could take the recoil, it shoots .348 inch groups at 100 yds. (would shoot better IF I didn't flinch.)LOL
Here is proof.........

...DID I GET HIM???I DID'NT SEE....DID I GET HIM????????????
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Ian, My sons Classic Compact had the blob of "hot glue" bedding like you mentioned.

My 700 ADL 300wm synthetic had nothing what so ever though. Top that with the fact that the mag box contacted before the recoil lug did too.
I have got a Coyote in 300 WSM. Just had it pillar bedded and trigger worked. Pick it up from the gunsmith later this week. then off to work up some loads and see what it will do. Start with h4350 and 190 JLKs. Goint to use as carry LR rifle and Factory Class in 1000 yard competition.

Will let know what it does.

I just traded my 3rd Coyote in 22-250... I keep buying them bedding them and end up trading them on somthing custom... ( bad habit ) EVERYONE I had needed bedded.. I just bedded the tang area and the recoil lug area to about 1 inch in front.. they all shot itty bitty groups with the right load after this... You need to lighten the trigger as well..

Check the forend and MAKE SURE that there is sufficient room all the way down the barrel.. the last 2 I had needed smoothed up and a little wood taken out... then I refinished and bedded it...

Back40sniper .. has this problem with his. if he is stringing verticle!!

I'd buy another if the price were right... :) Just a really fun rifle to have!!!

ALMOST FORGOT.. with winchester's tighten the front a rear recoil lugs to 65 inch lbs. then just SNUG the middle one....if you tighten the middle one you will touque the action... bad thing, very bad thing....

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I just bought one today in 300wsm. Have'nt had a chance to shoot it yet but I will tommorrow,can't wait!!!
Re: Winchester M-70 Coyote -

I bought a Coyote In 300 wssm My stock also Had a Glob of Jisiom In It I was shocked To See that. winchester Could Have Just as easily Put Some Bedding compound In there. I Removed The Stock and Replaced It With an HS Precision It Shoots sub 1/2in @ 100yds 150G sierra gamekings I Have taken 2 cariboo with 2 shots The First One was 480 yards 2 One was Just over 500 Yards. I Still Have The Factory Stock It Is In mint condition and Is For Sale /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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