Winchester 780 powder


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Mar 25, 2007
Looking for a ball powder to try that is around the H-1000 burn rate. I light of Kirby's advice that the ball powders are better for the over bore calibers, I am thinking I might like to try some. I would not mind being a little faster than the H-1000 but not much.

Any thoughts on the Win 780 or other suggestions are welcome.



I see this is an old post but thought it might be helpful to someone if I answer it.

I am using the 780 in a Ruger 270 Winchester bolt action with 22" Barrel using 165 gn Matrix Bullets. I have worked up loads in several powders including Magpro, Ramshot Magnum, RL-25, H-1000, IMR 4831 and probably a couple others I have forgotten. The Mappro worked well up to the high 2700 fps range and was consistantly accurate but I was able to get consistantly accurate loads above 2850 FPS with the Winchester 780 so that's what I'm going with. I use a GM215M primer though a 210 would probably work for the same velocity using another .1 gns of powder. It appears to be slower burning than the IMR 4831 but faster than the other powders I mentioned above.

I started out looking for a suitable Elk load for my hunting friend for use in his 270 win assuming the 165 grain bullet would probably not stabilize but willing to give it a try. It did stabilize even a sea level so just kept working up loads to see where I could take this. This bullet has close to a .7 BC and excellent SD so ought to do the job quite well out to 500 yrds or so.
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