Win 70 barrel swap


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Dec 24, 2001
Potters Hill, NC
I need to know what all is involved in swapping barrels on a Win 70 HVB. I currently have this rifle in .243 Win but may be coming into another barrel just like the original, but in .22-250 Rem. Would it be as easy as the Savage barrel/action and go/no-go guages? JohnnyK.
I've got a 22/250 HBV that i've been thinking about selling because it's been in the safe for 3 yrs.

I've always wanted an HBV in 243. Was even thinking of rebarreling mine to 243.

Would you be interested in swapping guns?
No. Unless your are extremly lucky, the barrel will have to be headspaced by setting the barrel shoulder back or, running a reamer into the chamber to the proper depth. The Savage system allows the nut to act as a "floating shoulder" to set the headspace.
Don't want to swap. My .243 is shooting great, but I have another fellow also with a HVB in .22-250 at his smith getting rebarrelled. He is going to sell me his when it gets back.
Thanks for the info. JohnnyK.
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