Win. 300 Sav. & 300 H&H ammo NOS SILVERTIPS

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Hello to all,
    I found this ammo in my ammo locker.
    1) 2 boxes Winchester 300 Savage 150 gr. silvertip ammo-This is the old aluminum alloy tipped stuff not plastic-Win. part # X3003-Exc. condition not handled to death still shiney in the white & red box $35 ea.shipped

    2)2 boxes 40 rounds The same brand & type ammo,same condition only in 300 H&H magnum 180 gr.silver tip EXP controlled expansion.the brass is a nice deep golden color from age-again not handled to death and tarnished in any way- Excellent hunting ammo or collecting- $45 Ea.shipped Thaxn for looking-Rick