Will a standard SAAMI reamer work for 53gr V-max

Iron Worker

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Apr 3, 2004
Reno Nevada
Just received new 12"twist bbl. Gunsmith who is cutting the chamber said (22/250)"Standard SAAMI reamer will work,with room to seat bullets out farther if I want to touch the lands" . Others say they detest SAAMI reamers in custom bbls ,another says with zero free bore I can get an additional 1,000 rnds of bbl life . What say ye ?

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004
There will be lots of different opinions on this so you will have to decide.
I use and like SAMMI reamers because they allow the re-loader to shoot many different styles of bullets and control pressures with the freebore
so higher velocities can be reached within SAMMI pressures.

Tight neck and short throat reamers are popular with some shooters that want to use only one style of bullet (Like Secant ojive bullets) and seat against the lands. This is OK if you are a seasoned Re-loader and know what you want and and can expect what they can get with this type of reamer/chamber.

In some cases, some barrels just don,t like Secant Ojive bullets and you are stuck with having the chamber throat,ed for other bullets to get accuracy.

I have built many rifles with SAMMI chambers that will shoot well under 1/4 MOA and some with lots of free bore (One of my personal rifles will shoot under 1/10th MOA and it has lots of Free bore).

There is nothing wrong with ether set up if you want and understand the differences.

Rarely does a SAMMI give you trouble if loaded correctly, the same cant be said for reamers/chambers that are Not SAMMI spec. in the wrong hands.