Will a 1 - 11.25" twist stabilize a 190gr Matchking?

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  1. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    Will a 1 - 11.25\" twist stabilize a 190gr Matchking?

    I'm gonna try some heavier bullets out of this twist but I'd like to know before I buy them because I buy in 500 count packs. This rig shoots 180gr Ballistic tips realy well and 175gr MatchKings but was wondering if the 190's would give me problems
    The launch speed will be around 2800 - 3000 fps
  2. Brien

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    Mar 22, 2004
    Re: Will a 1 - 11.25\" twist stabilize a 190gr Matchking?

    i worked up a load for a friends 300win.mag.w/11.25"twist.. thought it would do good with a 165 hunting bullet (he wanted to shoot groundhogs with it(28"hart on remy with mcmillan A-2 stock) shot it a good bit and never got them to do waht i wanted moved on to 168 SMK's never realy satisfied me.. thought what the heck ...try some 190SMK's and wala!!! shot them great... we were using 73.5grs RL22(over max in new sierra book but not in old one) also had a lot of freebore for whatever reason...velocity was 3025 with very little SD and low ES that was winchester brass and fed215M magnum match primers... good luck
  3. Michael Eichele

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    Jan 6, 2003
    Re: Will a 1 - 11.25\" twist stabilize a 190gr Matchking?

    I have shot 190 SMK's through a 1-11.25 twist completely stable out to 1K at a starting velocity of 2600 FPS. This was also at 88' and 15 degrees F. You will have no trouble at your velocity.

    FYI if you calculate the best twist for a 190 SMK using various stability factor calculations or calculators you will find that 11.25 is prime for the 190 and a stability factor of 1.5 which is just right.

  4. chris matthews

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    May 14, 2001
    Re: Will a 1 - 11.25\" twist stabilize a 190gr Matchking?

    Boots Obermeyer reccomends a 13 twist for the 190 MK out of a Win Mag. The 11 twist will run up to a 210 Berger.